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Melissa is a journalist and communications consultant specialising in conservation and sustainability.

“Wow, you’re a scuba diver? That must be so scary! Aren’t you afraid of shark attacks?!” It’s something I hear a lot (relatively). But, as a diver, the thought of seeing one of these majestic creatures underwater is really exciting. Although the news and movies such as Jaws might have made it seem like you’re at risk of shark attacks every time you go near the ocean, it’s actually very low.

The Greenland Shark

You might not have heard of the Greenland shark but they’re one of the ugliest, and most interesting, species of shark. Despite being one of the largest fish in the ocean, the Greenland shark seems pretty unimpressive on paper. First of all, let’s give you a look at its ugly mug so you know what we’re talking about.

The Greenland shark isn’t the best looking creature in the sea

Not a looker, right?

One Last Thing

Anyone can help to save marine life, with the help of a NASA algorithm and a snorkel

A diver films a whale shark as it feeds. Image credit: Anna Flam

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